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The company's aggressive growth strategy, led by president and CEO Navtej Kohli is focused on developing its local assets while pursuing corporate growth opportunities.

Navtej Kohli expressing that Granox is built for not only digging oil or exploring gas for need , but its a chain between human relations with environment. We are commit for making the enviroment much safe and secure such that upcoming generation enjoy all bliss and gift of nature. We transforming world with new and latest technology .

  Granox Explorations - Company Profile  
Granox Explorations is one of Europe's emerging energy companies. A Navtej Kohli enterprise, Granox is an independent oil and gas exploration company having substantial and focused European oil and gas exploration and production portfolio, increasing international operations and a proven track record of exploration and commercialization success.

Granox has a strong technical staff enabling it to react quickly and effectively on new opportunities, and has developed key industry alliances for Granox's Key projects. Granox has its sights on drilling and acquiring additional projects to continue the impressive growth trend established over the last few years.
  Granox Explorations dedicatedly working on environment safety and health related issues
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